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CE3 Plastic Cartridge - 0.5/1.0ml - Disassembled - 20/100/500 pcs

CE3 Plastic Cartridge - 0.5/1.0ml - Disassembled - 20/100/500 pcs

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CE3 Cartridge is widely used in the market for a long time and now is very economic. It's a great option for a wide range of oils; it works perfectly with thin oil (but not as thin as water),  while it also does a decent job with thick oil; it's a great cartridge to start your brand or personal use. 

This item comes disassembled, plastic body, cap and silicone tip are separately packaged. No plastic tubes included.


2.4 ohm Coil Resistance
0.5 ml / 1.0ml Oil Capacity
9.2 mm Diameter
Food grade plastic body

Please Note:

CE3 Cartridge is different from G2 Cartridge. We offer G2 Cartridge in different listings.


This cartridge is made for essential oil dispensing use only, please don't use for any alcohol or illegal substances. This cartridge is not a tobacco product or contain any nicotine.